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Share the most current files on the Internet or by compressing e-mail. This is one of the reasons why multiple file managers are more properly compressed files. Even if you need a professional compression application, Zarchiver Pro is the right choice. Many of the application systems work on Android. Support for free downloads, including

What Zarchiver Pro?

Did you know: The most important benefit is a compressed file that is much less than the original file. Save storage space and download or upload faster. Also, file compression is also an easy way to manage these files. Instead, you can compress the need for each image or file on another phone to send you all the files and send them again.

In this article, we will discuss the most important features of this application. In addition, we want to set up Zarchiver Pro and bring you as much free apk file directly for download links easily.

File compression software has long been popular on PCs. They used a useful tool in disk space and speed to protect more member’s information together.

Currently, user work is through more mobile devices than PCs. They wear and travel elsewhere, but also with a smartphone or tablet. Mobile devices have a faster configuration and memory upgraded. Then began to think about how to download these great movies or files. We also stock GTA 5 APK Android.

Developers were also beginning to pay attention to the development of mobile applications. Compression and user contraction are an important tool to improve the experience. In the past, you should use your PC to remove large files on your phone and download a copy. Now you can process exactly the same on their smartphones. Zarchiver Pro is a great program that can meet all your needs. Regular Zarchiver Pro is definitely an essential app if you have an Android game installed with an obb file.

Key Features

Zarchiver Pro is a paid application version that has a free version, offering some advanced features. Here are the main features of the application:

Multiple file format support


    • An extensive file as the Zarchiver Pro extraction application can be difficult to find. This tool has * support * Lha like you have seen in some rare formats, including 30 different compressed file formats, Zip Arj and 7z * and * LZMA.


Choose a password


    • It is important to set a password if you do not want to sneak into sharing content with others. You can simply connect your files to your website or blog to download files to the public, but not the password. Zarchiver Pro offers only two formats password including * zip and * 7z. For other formats, the application is not yet supported.


  • Users can also select the encryption type for the compressed file. AES256 encryption is more secure than ZipCrypto. However, some devices that support AES-256 are file receivers that can be difficult to remove. You can also choose to encrypt information or to encrypt both data and file names.

Easy to use

  • Zarchiver Pro not only provides file compression and compression functions but also full functionality to view copied data such as shared folders and file manager file creation. You can select the Contact / Delete File icon or the Open Tasks menu. The operation is very simple. Use the app without instructions the user can understand.

Installation Instructions

This is a – We start ES File Manager Pro Many applications support files on Android uncompressed. However, if you need a more powerful tool we use Zarchiver Pro. If you want to install this App Pro version then fill out the following instructions.

    • Uninstall the current version (if any) on your Android device.


    • Click on the article download button to download the application APK file. After you complete this process, you can use it in the Downloads folder.


    • Make sure your device installs apps from an external source. Testing Settings> Security is used. Swipe from unknown sources “for the option”  and activate it.


    • Open the file and always install it.


  • Bus; Accept the necessary permissions you can use with any problem Zarchiver Pro version is needed to start opening the application.

Zarchiver Pro works on most Android devices. To fulfill the application requirements easy:


    • Your Android device is required for Android OS 4.0 or higher


    • At least 512 MB of RAM and 12 MB of memory.


    • No root required


ZArchiver App for Android – APK Download

ZArchiver – a program for managing files. It has a simple and practical user interface.

The application cannot access the Internet and therefore cannot transfer information to services or individuals.

Create the following file types: zz (zzip), zip, bzip2 (bz2), gzip (gz), xz, lz4, wire, zstd (zstd);

The following archive file types are different: zz (zzip), zip, rar, rr5, bjp2, gzip, xz, iso, tar, arz, cab, lz, la, lazma, xar, tgz, z, dev, rpm, GPEX , MTZ, CM, DMG, CPO, Cramphos, IMG (FAT, NTFS, UBF), WIM, ECM, LGP, JST (ZSD), Egg, Alz

Screen archiving content: zz (zzip), zip, rar, rr5, bjp2, gzip, xz, iso, tar, arz, cab, lz, lh, lizma, xr, tgz, tbz, z, dev, rpm, GPEX, MTZ, CM, DMG, CPO, Cramphos, IMG (FAT, NTFS, UBF), WIM, ECM, LGP, ZTD (ZSD), Egg, Alz;

– Create and open password files
– Edit file: delete files / files (zip, 7zip, tar, apk, mtz);
– Create and open multiple sub-files: zz, rr (decompression only).
– Some documents are corroded.
– Open the compression file.
– Open the archive file from the email application.
– Delete specific files: zz, zip and rar (zz.001, zip.001, part 1 ror, Z01).


PUBG Oxygen File GFX Tool – Free Download

Basic features:

– Multitasking support (applies to multi-core processors).
– The file name supports UTF-8 / UTF-16.
– Allow the use of national characters in filenames.
– Not required for multiple selection functions.
– You can select the file by clicking on the left icon of the file name.

Short questions:
Q: What is a password?
Answer: The contents of some files can be encrypted and only the password (do not use a phone password!) Can open the file.

Q: Is the program not running normally?
A: Email with detailed information about the problem.

Q: How to compress files?
A: Select all documents by clicking on the icon (to the left of the file name) for shortcut. Click on a selected file and select Compress from the menu. Select the desired option and click OK.

Q: How to decompress files?
A: Click on the file name and select the appropriate option (“Extract from here” or other).


ZArchiver App for Android – APK Download



– Support for all common file formats and types (ZIP, RAR, 7ZIP, 7JAR, JAR, APP, TAR, GZIP)
– Create passwords for password-encrypted ZIP files (or open files)
– For example, create filesystems that support higher compression rates. SI. Ip zipper or tar
– Open the zip IP file or delete the encrypted zip or zz file (you need to know the password, zz does not delete the password)
– View the contents of the file format that contains multiple files: zzip, zz, wire, ap, jar, rar
– Background Edit: Create, delete, or open such files after closing the application

– Move is a simple file manager for standard file functions such as run, copy and delete
– Case development and history
– The extension allows you to open a file by selecting the combination of external files of the extension (for example, z h)

Therefore, you are already using 7Z:

Protect your documents and folders by encrypting encrypted ZIP files Encryption is one way to keep your files secure.

Files can reduce the file size of a file or folder. You can easily compress multiple files into smaller files for email or sharing.

To save space on your Android device, you can download files and documents that are rarely used on your device. If necessary, you can open them again.

More information about the file:

There are many forms of collection and each form has its own compression algorithm.

Support all common archiving files such as ZZ, ZZIP, Z Z, RAR, ZIP and less commonly used archiving files.


ZArchiver App for Android – APK Download


Archived files are often found on the Internet and must be removed from the software package before use, and the file must be opened before use.

Sometimes files are encrypted. This means that you need a password to delete it. The password is entered by the original author and is often included in the download.

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