Multi Parallel Account App

Multi Parallel Account App

Organize multiple accounts for social applications and games. The cloning of benefits is very stable and fast.
Create and manage unlimited accounts for WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Line, Instagram, most social applications and games.
Would you like to manage multiple social accounts and quickly switch between them
Do you want to play with other characters or multiple accounts for more fun
Multiple guarantee can help you deal with some accounting problems!
-Sign in easily to multiple accounts with your phone and keep everyone online at the same time!
-Create as many accounts as you need, personalize them with different icons and names, and protect them with privacy boxes.


It is fully compatible with 64-bit applications, and most applications do not require a compatible lib installation. If you try to clone an old program using only the 32-bit library, you must update the program or install the 32-bit support library.
Multiple links are compatible with many parallel applications, games and social networking applications. Google Play services are compatible and can be integrated with Google Play games or other services in your clone.
News Import many news, games and social applications.
Balance your life and easily use multiple accounts.
Double game account and double fun.
Separate data from clones and key applications.
Customize your account with different icons and tags
To protect your Cl privacy account, your cloning account
You can use your own multilink application or block specific clones.
Tap to quickly switch to one of the many unmanaged accounts
The accounts manage several accounts simultaneously and create cloned tag icons.
★ Light weight, clean, few trainers and low energy consumption.


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Task permissions: Many parallel applications require very little space, but many parallel applications require prior permission for the cloned application.
Adoption: This is very parallel and does not consume too much memory, battery and data, so internal applications consume it.
Notifications: Add something else to the blacklist of notification settings on your computer
Data and privacy: do not collect personal information. Sample application information The general application of the application is used to develop products and analyze racks.


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