How to Redirect a Blogger Blog to Another Site

How to Redirect a Blogger Blog to Another Site

This article shows How to redirect an entire Blogger blog to another site/domain. Before doing the steps below, make sure you’ve downloaded a backup of your theme, just in case you run into trouble.

A few posts back we made an article about Blogger Custom Redirects in which you can redirect within your blog. That is you can redirect your specific post URL to another post or page, all 301 or302 Redirection within your blog. 
That will be useful for redirecting 404 error pages and Broken Links; however with that you cannot redirect homepage to any particular URL. 
Here we will show you how to automatically redirect Blogger blog to another blog or website or any URL. So with this technique you can redirect your Blogger Homepage or any particular page to external websites.
How to Redirect a Blogger Blog to Another Site


The redirect could be very important for a different purpose. We may need to redirect blogger to new address several. But still now many bloggers don’t know how to redirect blogger blog. We should learn it because whenever you will think about to change your existing web address to a new one, you must set a redirection.
Otherwise, you will lose all of your existing visitors, ranking and backlinks. Another important solution I have published in our blogger solution section.
If you wish you may take a look on that. Now let’s come to the point!


Why Should We Redirect Blogger Blog?

I have already told you something that why should we redirect blogger blog. Now I will tell you in detail with some example. Suppose you had started a blog on blogger. We all know that blogger is a free third-party blogging platform. So you will not have the opportunity to customize or bring changes as the way you want.
So if you need to move on your self-hosted blogging platform what will you do? Will you left your old blog and start from the beginning?
No, my friend. You can not lose your hard work at any cost. In this case, you will need to redirect blogger blog after exporting.
Whenever you will redirect your old third party blog to your newly self-hosted blog, you will not lose any of your hard work and visitors. This is the best way to redirect blogger blog so we must learn how to properly redirect it.

Automatically Redirect Blogger Blog To Another Blog Or Website

When To Use This?

This one will be useful if you have just migrated to new domain with new blogging platform. You are always Limited In Blogger that’s why people moving to Self-Hosted wordpress blogs. Usually you won’t get much traffic to your new blog when you just shifted. Also your old blog will have some decent traffic flow from organic search results as well as from backlinks. So by using this method you can drive traffic from your old blog to your new blog and also it passes all the ranking factors.


Redirect Blogger Blog To Another Website

Here I will share three different codes that automatically redirect Blogger blog to another blog or URL and each code does different tasks.
Let’s say you want to redirect your complete Blogger blog to another page or URL. That is redirecting your homepage, posts page, archives page and all other URL in your blog to another specified external website. You have to use this if you just moved to new domain. To do this you are going to make changes to your template file. 
So before you mess up with the codes it’s recommended that you BackUp Your Template first.

  1. Sign in to Blogger and choose the blog that you want to redirect.
  2. In the left menu, click Theme.
  3. Under “Live on Blog”, click Edit HTML.
  4. Copy the following code and paste it right after the opening <head> tag.
  1. <meta charset='utf-8'/>
    <meta content='0;url=' http-equiv='refresh'/>
    <b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
      <link href='' rel='canonical'/>
  2. Replace URLs in the newly added code ( with your new site URL.
  3. Click Save theme.

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