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How to Lock your Facebook Profile.. 
What is profile lock?
                                    Profile lock ka jesy ky apko name sy e pata lg rha hai ye profile ko lock kr deta hai koi b unknown person apki profile visit ni kr skta na e apki pics wgara leakout hogi is sy ye zada tar girls ki saftey k liye use ho skta hai wo apni pics ko lock kr skti hain to me apko 2 process btauga profile ko lock krny k apny step by step follow krna hai bs or mazeed achi post k liye is site ko follow b kr len taky hr new post ka noti apko ml sky..


How to lock your Facebook Profile in Mobile Phone and iPhone:

Worry for Security and Privacy, lock down your Facebook profile using smartphone Android & iPhone. People keep sharing things on Facebook platform. However, some of the users want to share posts, photos, videos, and informative message. Furthermore, most people care about their privacy and security from public media. While on the plaform they must appear to know from their community.
To learn more and look more how to; just scroll down the post all about how to lock your Facebook profile in an Android device and iPhone for your guidance and information.

How to lock your Facebook Profile:

Some of the Facebook users don’t want to show his profile personal picture and information. For instance, they want complete security from public view to keep thing privately. Similarly, if you also want to go and private your Facebook account and don’t want to share with the Facebook community. In addition, to limit to your friends only or completely private by doing the option Only Me. Then let’s scroll down and show some tips and tricks to protect your Facebook account via Smartphone device from the settings and with the help of Facebook help centre.



Tips and Trick to Lock your Facebook Profile FB App:


If you are feeling insecure that might someone hack or copy your photos, videos. Furthermore, your post will use for other purposes. To secure things like that then let’s show some tips and trick to lock your Facebook account while using a mobile phone device.

How to lock your Facebook Profile on Android & iPhone


Method# 1 To Lock your Profile:

                                                                              Sb sy phly apko ek VPN APP ki zrort hogi js ka nam hai Express Vpn us ko install kr len yahan sy..


 express vpn


Then ap is me rigster kr len or usky bd is me sy Bangladesh ki proxy ko connect kry or Fb lite ya ksi b browes me new account bna len account bnany k bd apky pas option ajyga profile lock ka agr na aya to fb lite me account open krna or udr ajyga wrna help centre me jay or udr search kry Profile Locked wahan sy b kr skty hain then apki b profile lock account bn jyga 



agr ap koi b id bnaty hain or wo self py chli jati hai to uska hal ye hai k ap jb b koi b id bnay to number py bnay   agr apky pas number ni hai to idr sy ly len Free me (  HOW TO GET FREE NUMBERS OF ANY COUNTRY )

Method# 2 To Lock your Profile from Facebook App Settings

Use the following steps in order to proceed with Lock your profile setup using your smartphone. In addition, for clarifications, you can review screenshots with arrows below.
  1. Open your Facebook App
  2. First Make sure that your post is shared with friends only, if not then turn it from the public to friends
  3. Tap on the  Menu Bar
  4. Open the Settings & Privacy
  5. Select the Settings under Settings and Privacy option
  6. Go down and click the Privacy Settings
  7. Scroll down to Your Activity and check one by one turn them to the friends
    1. Change the status to Friends like who can see your future Posts
    2. Tap on Limit who can see past post then choose your Friends
    3. Check the status Who can see your stories and select the Friends
    4. Tap Who can see your highlights and select the Friends status from the list
  8. How People can send request you or Contact you
    1. Change the option to Friend of friends and receive a friend request from them only.
    2. If you want to hide your friends or make visible to friends or friends of Friends or Only Me.
  9. Tap on your Timeline and Tagging
    1. Tap under the Timeline one by one and select Friends option for all
    2. Select under the Tagging “all and change then into Friends” option from the menu
  10. Tap the Review tag and turn on the Tag Review option.  

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