Google Parental Control: Check and Protect Your Kids Online Activity

Google provides several tools and features that can help parents manage their children’s online activity and screen time. These include:

Google Family Link: This app allows parents to create Google Accounts for their children under 13 (or the applicable age in their country). With Family Link, parents can set screen time limits, block certain apps, and manage the content their children can access.

Screen Time Management: With screen time management, parents can set daily limits for device usage and bedtime schedules. They can also see how much time their children spend on different apps and websites, and set limits for specific apps and websites.

SafeSearch: This feature helps filter out inappropriate content from search results. Parents can enable SafeSearch for their children’s accounts to help ensure that they are only seeing age-appropriate content.

YouTube Kids: This is a separate version of YouTube designed specifically for children, with a more limited selection of content and built-in controls for parents.

Google Family Link: In addition to setting screen time limits and managing app usage, parents can also use Family Link to track their children’s location, see their children’s search history, and set limits on their children’s purchase and download activity. Parents can also use the app to lock their children’s devices when it’s time for bed or when they need to focus on other tasks.

Screen Time Management: Parents can use screen time management to set limits on how much time their children spend on their devices each day, as well as bedtime schedules to limit device usage at night. They can also set specific times when their children are not allowed to use their devices, such as during school hours or at mealtimes.

SafeSearch: When SafeSearch is enabled, explicit and inappropriate content is filtered out of search results. This can help protect children from seeing inappropriate content when they are using Google search.

YouTube Kids: YouTube Kids includes a number of built-in controls for parents, including the ability to set time limits, turn off search, and hide videos that have been flagged as inappropriate. Parents can also create a whitelist of channels and playlists that their children are allowed to watch, and block specific videos or channels.

In addition to these tools, Google also provides resources and tips for parents to help them keep their children safe online. This can include information about online safety and privacy, as well as guidance on how to talk to children about their online activities and help them make good choices when they are online.

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