Get free number for Whatsapp- Secure messenger SafeUM

Get free number for Whatsapp- Secure messenger SafeUM

SafeUM | Secure messenger | Mod APK

Secure messenger SafeUM is a complete and complete relationship. Complete all text messages, phones and videos, groups, chats and files.
We’ve worked hard to get the best advertising in the industry.
ElGamal Ellipse 256 Ellipse key encryption algorithm provides a high level of security that meets system requirements and protects your personal information.
SafeUM is a great platform for personal and business communication.
Why go to SafeUM
Review information:
– Group discussions
– Register without a SIM card using only your user password and password.
– Register on the SIM card for easy communication.
– Use three records and one tool
– The subject of the interview can be divided into two parts at the same time
– Reporting restrictions
– Sequence growth
– Account Manager
– Accounts allowed
– Free voice and video calls on SafeUM
– Support
– Home files are not stored on the device. You can access your files at any time. Don’t lose your word.
– Improving privacy
– Confirm the key code using the QR code
– Three dollars and three PINs
– Your information is not available on the Internet (eg Wi-Fi).
– Keep it ready to swallow
– Create unique source code of any kind
– Connection function: Digital signature detects the integrity of data transmission to transmitters
Your database is stored in national database algorithms.


Why Change to SafeUM?
The secure messenger’s choices:
• Encrypted group chats
• Registration and never utilizing a SIM card, using solely login and password
• Utilization of three accounts concurrently on one machine
• Chat historic previous will likely be disabled on both aspect concurrently
• Displayed messages amount limitation
• Cross-platform
• Count entry administration
• Account authorization historic previous
• Free encrypted audio- and video- calls inside SafeUM group
• Technical help
☆ Security:
▪Native data is not saved in your machine. You presumably can always securely entry your data. In no way lose your data as soon as extra
☆ Security:
▪Native data is not saved in your machine. You presumably can always securely entry your data. In no way lose your data as soon as extra
■ “Enhanced encryption” mode
■ Verification of your telephone divices interlocutor’s encryption keys with QR-code
■ Three ranges of account entry with three PIN-codes
■ Tour non-public information is not accessible when in public networks (e.g. Wi-Fi)
■ Security alerts of account hacking makes an try
■ Dynamic secret key period for each message
■ Additional security: digital signature ensures the integrity of the transmitted data along with the authenticity of the interlocutor
SafeUM intently encrypts your entire data with time-tested algorithms.
Be sure to check out our description of the SafeUM website, available on various platforms:
When registering for SafeUM, users must enter a phone number of +3712 ХХХ-ХХХХ (Add number).
– We return 3 weeks (23 days) from the date of registration
And / or
– Due to the current change and number (next call or call) 24 or more days. The price is 0.00.
SafeUM reserves the right to switch off your mobile phone.
The redemption fee does not affect the user’s performance. (Includin
g Safeum information for SafeUM users)
Telephone number
Registration Receive a phone number when registering
Please enter a new number
Switch the display between multiple display values
Number Edit the number and select another number
, Enter or delete the number
Use US, Canada, UK, and France
, Organize and organize conversations in your inbox
The text has high properties
Original SMS (Original SMS) for US, Canada and 40 countries
Phone calls to US, Canada, UK and 200 countries
200 short messages on your credit
Audio, video, and HD messages from users
Group Groups A group contains text, photos and videos
Fast sign-up on Google or Facebook
Good communication strategies
Unlike other unpaid text tools, you can add local and international numbers to your account.
Unlike other unpaid text messages, you can send text messages abroad and make international calls.
Unlike other free text apps, you can send text without purchasing.

Group information:

monthly subscriptions for US and Canadian phones
– When your week is done, you can sign in to your Google Play account.
– Registration will start automatically if the automatic renewal fails 24 hours before the end of this period.
– You will receive a refund to your account 24 hours before the end of this period.
– Manage and log in to the Google Wallet team
– Do not delete the group list
– See the general terms and conditions of public order

* Answer:

– Text messages are only allowed to users in the US and Canada.
– This campaign does not accept calls from vendors or regions in more than 200 countries.
– We don’t support 911
– Depending on the use of the text

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