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 PUBG Mobile All Version OBB Files GLOBAL || KOREAN || BGMI || VIETNAM || No Mod Original OBB File  


Original OBB Files GLOBAL || KOREAN || BGMI || VIETNAM || is a great pioneer of the Battle Royal genre that captured the hearts of millions of shooting game fans across all gaming platforms.

The Battle Royal style has gained incredible popularity due to its interesting concept.

  Players from all over the world know the project well. It has topped every playground for many years.

  PUBG immerses you in the harsh battle environment with hundreds of fighters. Naturally, only one can survive, but beating ninety-nine other players is not an easy task.

  His dexterity, strategic thinking, knowledge of shooting physics, etc. Team up with other players or try to win alone. By the way, if you like high quality online shooters, we offer you Battleships: Naval Blitz and God of Boom.

Updated New 1.6 Obb

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  Learn about the main benefits of this mythological game.

  Choose from a wide range of weights and equipment

  You need hundreds of different types of equipment to win the battle. Find first aid kits, stimulants, helmets, bulletproof vests, gasoline, weapons and accessories.

Pubg Obb Files

  All of the above is scattered all over the place, so you need to collect supplies as soon as possible. Take only what you need, because the inventory is not unlimited either.

  Weapons in Original OBB Files GLOBAL || KOREAN || BGMI || VIETNAM ||  include knives, pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles. Get rare types of weapons from special boxes, thrown to the ground by a plane.

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However, keep in mind that at least a dozen people on the map want to get the content of this box. For equipment, your hero initially appears in underwear, but you can find a helmet, armor, and backpack for the item. You can also get camo clothing, especially useful on snow maps or in the tropics.


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