Custom Software Development Outsourcing

Business application development

Our experienced development team will help you implement the right application for your needs. When designing, we make sure that the new system fits your current systems properly.

For developments, we use the most appropriate software development model for the purpose. We primarily promote the Agile development model, but we can use other models according to the customer’s needs. In most cases, in accordance with the model used, the following steps are performed:

Custom Software Development

  • User needs assessment
  • Making a case study
  • Planning (preparation of construction and test plans)
  • Construction
  • Testing
  • Installation
  • Mainenance and supervision


Custom Software Development Outsourcing

By adhering to these, we can guarantee that what is done is exactly what we have been commissioned to do.

Applications can be written for different operating systems (Linux, Windows), written in different programming languages ​​(C / C ++, C #, Java, PHP) or even on specific target hardware. In this way, the most appropriate technology for a given problem can be selected. 

During the development, we pay great attention to ensuring that the technologies used are reliable and open source. In this way, reducing production costs. custom software development outsourcing

Areas for development

We are available to our customers in the following development areas:


  • Enterprise applications
  • Web applications
  • Server-side Java applications
  • Windows applications
  • HTML5 based mobile platform independent solutions
  • Mobile platform development: iOS, Android or WindowsPhone OS
  • Install and manage applications in a docked environment

If you need a custom software solution, but don’t know how to get started, what kind of development would best suit your problem,  contact our company through one of the communication channels. and we will help you find and implement the right solution!


Database servers

Typically, apps use some sort of database server. How you decide. In case you are unsure which database would be the most suitable, our staff will help you choose the most suitable one.

We have many years of experience integrating the following database servers, whether used in stand-alone or clustered environments:

Installation, maintenance, and supervision

The completed applications will be run as a Docker container, which can be run in a private or public cloud.

We can also monitor the Docker container environment on request. We use the Rancher Container Management Platform developed by Rancher Labs for monitoring.

We check the correct operation and availability of applications or systems with different applications. Examples include NagiosNew Relic, or Graylog used to analyze logos

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