Creating Google account: Add Another Account to google

Add Another Account to google, if you have already have a Gmail account, but want to create another one that you can only use for work or other activities?

If your answer to this question is yes, you know creating google account is possible and not entirely complicated. This is a process that you can perform even in a relatively short period of time so that you can be completely calm as there is nothing to worry about.

creating google account

The first thing you need to do to create a new Gmail account is to launch your favorite web browser account (for example, Google Chrome or Safari) and sign in to the main Google email service page.

From the service homepage, you must press the enter button To connect to your credentials, register first.

First, enter your email address in Gmail (for example Stop Creating @ ) and click the button below.

Enter the password for your email account, then press the button again to get proper access to your email, Add Another Account to google.

If prompted, go through the additional two-step verification, verifying your identity using the method of your choice (for example, receiving a message from Google), and then clicking here again.

Once you’ve logged in to Gmail, you need to click on your photo in the upper right corner.

To continue creating your new Gmail account, keep clicking the Add Account button.

Creating Google account: Add Another Account to google
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Add Another Account to google

On the page that will open at this point, click Create Account and fill out the form that shows you typing in the corresponding text fields the last name, the username you want to use, and the password you want to associate with the new account ( to be repeated in the Confirm Password field ).

Then click the button below and fill in the new form suggested: phone number y recovery email address is optional (as they are used to recover Gmail access data in case of loss), Add Another Account to google, and date of birth (will be entered in the fields day, Mes y year ) And sex Are required.

Now go to the Google Privacy Policy page, place a checkmark next to the listings account creation process.

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For more detailed account privacy settings, click Other Options and choose whether or not to allow data related to Web & Application Activities, Custom Ads, YouTube Search & History, YouTube History, Location History y voice, and sound activity.

Later, if you want to access Gmail from your computer, all you have to do is open your favorite browser (a browser of your choice, such as Google Chrome or Safari), and type in the mail address bar.

This way, creating google account reminds you that you can access your email from any computer and you will find all your messages, contacts, and attachments in sync perfectly on any computer.

Now that you’ve created a new Gmail account, you’ll be wondering how to go from one profile to another. Add Another Account to google Do not panic! Also in this case it is a very simple process to perform. I will discuss it in detail in the following lines.

To switch from one Gmail account to another, all you have to do is sign in to Gmail, click on your profile picture at the top right, and select the secondary email address from the box that appears.

After selecting the other email address, a new browser tab will open and you will be able to access the email address of the new account.

If, on the other hand, you plan to create a new Gmail account and set it as the primary email address, creating google account making it the one you already use as a secondary, you need to do another process.

To define the new Gmail account you just created as your primary email address, first sign out of your current account by linking to the Gmail site via the link I provided above and right-clicking on your photo Add Another Account to google in the top right corner. And click on the License object, displayed in the popup window.

Now continue to create a new Gmail account following the instructions I gave you earlier, go to the Google email address with the new data, click the section dedicated to the profile picture in the upper right corner and click the Add Account button.

Then enter your old Gmail account details. This way, the new Gmail account will be the primary account, while the previously created account will be the secondary account.

Add Another Account to google

As I said in the previous lines, it is possible to create a new Gmail account also from mobile phones and tablets with the Android operating system. The process is very simple, so do not worry. follow the instructions I will give you and you will not have the slightest problem.

On Android Devices, the simplest process that allows you to create a new Gmail account requires you to tap the application settings (the tool icon ). From the configuration screen of your device, locate the account item And tap it.

Following the instructions that you have already set up and added by you, you will find the formulation Add account. Add Another Account to google Then tap it, and then tap google (not to be missed, it has a Google G symbol) so you can continue to create a new Gmail address, which will be added to the one you already have.

At this point, from the screen that opens, click the Create Account text, then the button below and fill in the suggested format name y apellido . Click again.

Now you need to fill out another form, in which you need to specify your own date of birth and gender.

At the end of the collection, click the button below, enter the username you want to use for your new Gmail account (which will also be the original part of your @ address ), password, and click again.

At this point, Google should ask you if you would like to add your account to your phone number account – creating google account Select whether you want to accept or not, read the privacy policy, and click Other options to choose whether or not to enable or disable data collection related to Web & Application Activities, Custom Ads, YouTube Search & History, YouTube History, Location History y Voice and Audio Activity.

Once you have selected the options you are interested in, place a checkmark next to the entries in the entries. complete the account creation process.

If you are asked to associate an account payment method, you can select a credit or debit card option, PayPal phone billing, or you can select No thank you for associating any payment method. Add Another Account to google To guard your preferences, click the following button.

Setting up a google account

At the end of the operation, you will have successfully created a new Gmail account that will be automatically added to the list of accounts connected to your device.

To access your Gmail email from your Android mobile phone, download the Gmail app from the Play Store if it does not exist by default.

creating google account

Are you using an iOS device instead, for example, an iPhone or an iPad? So you know you can continue the process of creating google account, but you need to download the official Gmail application from your device’s default store.

To do this, go to the iOS app store, and through the internal search engine (a magnifying glass symbol ), type Gmail by pressing the enter button on your mobile phone.

This will display the search results and you will be able to locate the Gmail application.

To install it, click on it and you will be sent back to the corresponding application file. On the screen that appears, then tap the get button and the install button.

If prompted, authorize the download of the application via Face ID, en touch ID, or password your Apple ID.

At this point, Add Another Account to google all you have to do is wait for the app to download and finally press the Open button.

At this point, once you start the application, press the enter button and then fill out the form you request, listing all the data associated with your first Gmail account.

Once you have access to your primary email address, would you like to learn how to create a new one? No problem.

I’ll explain how to proceed with the Gmail application you just downloaded.

To perform the procedure, touch the menu button (it has the symbol of three horizontal bars) located in the upper left.

Then tap the down arrow button, you can see your existing email address and then tap Manage Account.

From the screen below, you need to touch the text + Added accounts. At this point, tap google to continue creating google account.

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