Word Product Activation Failed How To Fix Windows 10 | How To Activate Word Office


Word Product Activation Failed How To Fix Windows 10

Word Product Activation Failed How To Fix Windows 10


Office 2016 is the latest version of the Microsoft Office productivity suite, succeeding Office 2013.

New features of Office 16 include the ability to manage and work with files in Microsoft

OneDrive from the lock screen, a powerful search tool for support and commands called “Tell me”

and co-authoring mode with users connected to Office Online.

Download original Office 2016 ISO

You can get the latest version of Microsoft Office here if you don’t have it.

Once your download is complete, you need to extract the original ISO image from the zip file.

You will be left with a file named “SW_DVD5_Office_Professional_Plus_2016_W32_English…”

(W32 here in the filename refers to the 32-bit version, if you download the 64-bit version, the filename will contain 64Bit instead).

Although an ISO file is used to burn CD/DVD or a USB flash drive, you can install Office 2016 without burning it using 7-zip or similar archive software utility.

Here is what you get after extracting the ISO file.

Install and activate Office 2016 for FREE legally using the Volume license

fter a series of preview versions, Microsoft finally came out with an official version of Office 2019.

It is the stable one, this means you can download and use it right now without worrying about fatal errors which you have gotten in beta versions before.

However, I regret to inform that according to the disclosures,

Microsoft Office 2019 only works on Windows 10. So if you are using Windows 8, 8.1 or older versions, you will not be able to install it.

Honestly, I hate what Microsoft have done to force users to use Windows 10. And I think Office 2016 is still a good choice for casual users at the moment.

How To Activate Word Office:

Follow My Steps:

  • 1st Download my File Given Below in the last paragraph
  • 2nd save txt file into given command (cmd)
  • then open file and your word is activate enjoy 🙂

1st Step:

Download This File Like this

2nd Step: 

paste into txt file

3rd Step:

Click on file and save as click

4th Step:

when you save your file then in type any name your file but in the last enter this words (cmd) then save.

5th Step:

now your file is save then open your file

6th step:

now it will be start process it just for few mints 2  mints then your word office is activate and enjoy 🙂

7th step :

enjoy 🙂

Enjoy For more help visit Helping Blog

Word Product Activation Failed How To Fix Windows 10 | How To Activate Word Office

If you would have any questions or concerns, please leave your comments. I would be glad to explain in more details.

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