If you have your own phone and phone, you can set up WhatsApp and WhatsApp Messenger on a phone, then enter another phone numIn addition to the features of WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp also includes business services:Group of children. The website creates a commercial space for your business, which customers can use to receive additional information, such as location or personal information.






Business Administration: Describing the messages sent to customers when you can send a love card gives customers a lot of ideas.






Handshake / Contest: Users can use your company’s WhatsApp number (or phone number) to send messages. After confirmation, select “Call” to receive the phone password.






Open WHSAPP MESSAGER and WHSAPP. You can use WhatsApp and WhatsApp Messenger on your phone. But each application has a phone number.


Two Fector Link




WHATSAPP Page: This is the best way to transfer pages to your computer.






WhatsApp and WhatsApp Messenger can work well and get what you need. Public email? free song * connection * web Many unreliable. Email for more information.



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