SafeUM App make unlimited whatsapp account

SafeUM is a good answer for safe networks It can indeed disrupt the second message, voice and video calls, organization and recording.

We propose to provide the best security between public use text applications.

Encryption users have 256 keys, which can provide security values ​​that comply with rules and regulations and verify your personal data.

SafeUM is the most complete answer to ensure the safety of trade and business.

Why switch to SafeUM?

Defined Characteristics:

– Access packaging

– Only use the connection and navigation keys to register without using a SIM card

– 3 records are used and one record is block

– The story may be destroyed by different aspects at any time

– Display many broken messages

– Account management function

– Account management

– Free shutter sound and video call in SafeUM engine Unlimited help

☆ Safety:

– Do not manage domain data on your alliance You can collect your information safely Never lose data again

– Improve code-behind

– Quality of professional keys with QR codes

– Three levels of logger registration with three PIN codes

– You must turn off the system before you can open your data (such as Wi-Fi)

– Security alert for unauthorized recording

– Difficult word processing for each message

– Persist in confirmation: draft confirmation of the authenticity of the information sent and the authenticity of the researchers.

SafeUM will delete all data through a reliable assessment.

Try to browse our website to find SafeUM applications at different stages

When SafeUM is supported, users will be provided with phone numbers in the sequence +3712Ххх-Хххх (continued-number).

Disabling the user’s permissions should be clear:

– The Code has not been verified within nearly fourteen days (14 days) from the date of registration

Such as

– From the last upgrade, the number of days with numbers (recent/outgoing drawings) or more ends, and the case balance is EUR 0.00

SafeUM reserves all rights to delete the code.

Withdrawal of this code will not affect usability (for other SafeUM users, please refer to Voice and Call in SafeUM).

As long as it is not possible, just retrieve the phone.



The numbers are drawn only when the letters are valid.

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