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The Play Store’s Smart Navigation Bar app will show you the Android Navigation Bar with new balloons, exciting animations, and a scale with Android on the sliding Navigation screen.


Adjust the Navarrese keys using the Nobar Style application to view the navigation icons.


There are many Nobar apps in the Play Store with Nobar customization options, but you can often see selected images in the modern navigation area.


This application does not require a root session. Use on any device.


Note: The application requires a built-in navigation bar on your phone. If your phone doesn’t have a built-in navigation bar, don’t underestimate it.


Using graphical navigation, you can add the battery to the battery percentage.


Good features of intelligent navigation

Select to display the image, select NV images

Notes Use the Android download area to access notes and alerts at the same time

Advanced screen navigation to save advanced effects animation navigation bar animations

Battery power line, add power strip with battery percentage indicator ներով Power line options

Entertaining animations և Prepare Android nubar presentation with brown images


View apps on Android sites

Android Police. – and-smart-navigation-bar-1-19-19-2-2-19 / # Smart_inovation_bar _-_ newbar_slideshow




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Android Articles:


Old seafood bar options


Slide show from Navy Bar

Choose more than one photo from your selfies և Create presentations over time

Drag the full-size image to the NAV tape to refresh the download results


Flexible seam

Choose animation again from the animation menu

The best animation selected for Navi Navarra


Bars Tic Navi Bar:

Navigation Paste any text on the ribbon, edit, move, select a color

The text changed the size of the text, gave interesting results – choose the animation of the text

Add multiple articles to edit regularly or randomly


Power line on power line

Navigation Add the battery percentage in the Navigation section and set the text size, color, and font percentage.

Raise the power line, specify color, size, thickness, transparency և, etc.



Some applications require a browser, such as Chrome. These programs will not be effective, all other programs will work fine.

Sorry, Huawei is not supported due to EMUI


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