Multi View Browser

The app is multi-functional and gives you the ability to view multiple pages at once.
You can follow the page and edit multiple websites, watch videos, or watch Twitter.

With multiple browsers, you can view multiple websites at once through the image.Follow and check different pages.

You can see the situation in multiple places at once and you can see everything slowly.

Disable Stop ads prevent you from blocking complaints.

Look at the next page while watching the video. If you see a video page like YouTube, you may see another page.

You can watch and watch multiple movies at the same time.
* You must be quiet.

Just share the apps and follow things like real money. You can view multiples page at the once.

The tool is great for keeping up with the latest news. For example, set up websites immediately.

You can translate and combine multiple model pages.

You can view the same page immediately by reading the text.

There is a section that can change many situations.

You can change the number of events and the gap that has already been created.

You can view recent photos by showing the settings below.It can also change the image.

You can customize the images you want on this page.In addition, there is a restriction on moving to another location.

Top Follow

This prevents you from switching to another page.It is easy to see the whole page of advertisements.


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