How To Post Blocked URL On Facebook

How To Post Blocked URL On Facebook
Are you using the internet as a source of income? If yes then this post can be proved very useful for you. In this post, I will tell you that How To Post Blocked URL On Facebook. Nowadays, every single person on this planet knows the uses of the internet and use the Internet in his day to day life for many purposes. Many people especially youngsters use the internet as a source of income which can add a lot to their pocket money.
Many of youngster’s incomes are fully dependent on the internet. Sometimes when a person starts blogging then, as usual, he will not get much traffic on his website as his site is newly constructed and is not ranked to a proper position. Every new blogger finds this problem when he starts blogging, if you are a blogger then you should have found these types of problem.
You can unblock domain from Facebook using this method. Sometimes when we share the website link on Facebook with our friends, it shows that the link has been blocked that means you can’t share it on Facebook. In that case, you need to unblock it if you’re the owner of that link. There is no direct method available on FB using which you can unblock URL from Facebook. There is only a single working method which is shared below.
Share Blocked Link on Facebook
To post any blocked URL on facebook you have to unblock your URL using Blogspot. You need to create a Blogspot domain to bypass facebook warning while sharing Your Site URL on Facebook. Don’t worry Blogspot is free of cost, It won’t charge money to create a new blog. You can create many blogs with a single Gmail account. To Unblock any URL on FB, just follow these below shared simple steps and
Unblocking URL from FB isn’t easy these days. In a recent update, Facebook has blocked millions of URLs without any reason. But, they left an option for users using which we can appeal them to Unblock Link from Facebook. You just need to follow the given below steps if you want to post your blocked URL on the Facebook newsfeed.

Share/Send Blocked URLs On Facebook

Facebook many times block many website’s URL due to which the blogger finds many problems to accumulate traffic on their site. If you too are getting a problem on sharing your website’s URL and if you still want to share your website’s URL on facebook then this post can help you out.
In this article, I am going to share about How To Post Blocked URL On Facebook Easily. Facebook blocks many website’s URL due to the increase in the number of spam sites, phishing sites and if your website is not one of the two or when you cross the limit of sharing website’s URL or when you share the URL for maximum time then there are the chances of your website’s URL got blocked.
Unblock URL On Facebook: This article helps to get solution for URL block issue. You can share your Website’s URL for maximum time as much as per your need and can also Post Blocked URL On Facebook Easily and for your general information I need to tell that this trick is safe and is 100% working trick and will not cause any harm to your website.
Being a blogger, I too found this problem on sharing my website’s URL because it was also blocked by Facebook as I crossed the limit of sharing on Facebook but I never got worried and used the trick step by step and my website’s URL got automatically unblocked.

How To Post Blocked URLs On Facebook | Share blocked URL on FB

If you are one of the bloggers whose website URLs has been got blocked and still wants to share the website’s URLs on facebook then here is the trick by using of which you can tackle this problem. Many experienced bloggers try to unblock their websites URLs by just making it short but this trick was earlier working but now as facebook BOT has become very smart due to which it identifies the blocked URLs with the help of 301 Redirection. So, friends, these bloggers are left with no option. But don’t worry because the trick which I have brought to you is 100% working and safe for the website.
Friends you can follow these easy steps which I have provided below. As we all know that the time is precious and should not be wasted so guys without wasting the time let’s start the process which we should follow to Unblock a URL On Facebook Easily. Before going to the steps I will say to follow all the steps with a little bit of concentration of mind. Here are the steps:

How To Unblock URL On Facebook [*Working*]

So, guys, this was the easy trick which can prove very useful to the bloggers who are not able to Post Blocked URLs On Facebook. You can follow this easy trick and it has become easier as I have provided the images of each step. I hope that this trick will help you out in your blogging career and may lead to a successful blogging life.
To unblock a URL you need to submit an appeal again an again from different-different FB IDs. Below is the direct link to the form where you can submit your URL to Facebook for review.
Keep submitting your URL & ask your friend to submit URL in the given form. It will take 3-4 days to get your link unblocked from Facebook. If this method doesn’t work for you, then you can try out the below-given things.
Method 1: Post an Ad through Facebook, After a few weeks, you will get a live chat option as well as support inbox where you can appeal from FB Support team to review your website & unblock it. If the appeal is again denied, re-appeal & write the same thing. If Facebook denies many times, then delete the campaign and make a fresh one.
Method 2: Register yourself as a Facebook Developer, and then post your issue in a related forum.
These were some of the current working methods to unblock link from Facebook share. Hope these will work for you otherwise, you have an another option which is shared below. I am not 100% sure that this will work for you or not as the Facebook policies are now updated with extra security & privacy. So, you can only give it a try.

Steps To Post Blocked Link On Facebook [Optional]

There are lots of other methods shared by other websites on the internet. But, most of them are blocked by Facebook. This is the only method available through which you can unblock domain from Facebook. You just need to follow these simple steps shared below.
·        Firstly open your default browser (I will suggest you use Google Chrome)
·        Go to, a new window will occur on your screen which will ask for the Sign In. Log in with your Google Account.

  • After login, you will see an option “New Blog” in the new window click on that option and create a new Blogspot blog by any URL as your mind tells you. For creating a new Blogspot will not charge any money and it will be fully free of cost.
·        Simply click on the basic which you can find in the ‘Settings’ in which you have to select “No” in Let search engines find your blog and after completing it don’t forget to click on the ‘Save changes’.
·        Then after go to the ‘Template’ option and click on the Settings icon and select No. Show desktop template on mobile devices option and save these settings.
  • After saving these all settings next step is to scroll down your screen and then you will seem to see ‘Revert to classic template’ option. Again scroll down then you will see the option ‘Template HTML’ and enter the code which I have provided below.

·        After which you have to replace the with the URL of your choice which you want to share on Facebook and save the template easily. Now you can Post Blocked URL On Facebook.
This trick is fully working and is safe and does not cause any harm to the site. Guys, as usual, you will not find any problem if you know a little bit knowledge about the internet and also because I have explained every point in simple language and with images of each step.
Youngsters are attracted towards the internet as a source of income like me, which can really and effectively reduce unemployment to a large extent. This trick may be helpful for all the bloggers and especially for the new bloggers who have just started blogging. By using this trick you will be able to Send Blocked URLs On Facebook.
Now you can easily unblock your Website links on Facebook through the above method. After unblocking link, you can share it with your friends on FB. We have shared the best working method in this article. You may found some other methods on google but most of them are not working or expired because of Facebook high privacy. Try this method once on your PC & you’ll easily Unblock URL On Facebook.
So, Friends, this is our today’s article on How to Post Blocked URL On Facebook. If you are getting any issue related to this article then without any hesitation comment in our comment box I will answer back with an effective solution to your problem. These tricks can be updated so to know the updated tricks please keep in touch with us. Keep a regular watch on our website to know about the solution to different tech problems.
Have you unblocked your website link from FB? If not, then tell us the problem which you’re getting while trying these steps. I have shared simple steps which may help you to unblock your link on FB. You can find many other methods on other websites too, but most of them are not working and other websites do not update their article. This method which I have shared above is best working and personally tested by me. So you can try it without any hesitation. If this method works for you then don’t forget to share it with your friends to help them too.

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