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How to make a unique name on Facebook?

Hello friends, my name is Tanveer, now they are looking. DNN, friends, how are you? I hope everything will be fine, friends.  Friends, I will tell you something at the bottom of this post.

Okay, you can do it yourself. It’s okay to do it.  You have to go to the stone formation and after personal formation, you have to click on it and you have to remove it so for that you have to submit it in this regard later.  Where do you go after giving up and you will be able to give your name, your name will have changed

What Is Facebook Stylish Name?

Friends, everyone knows how to say stylish names on Facebook. Even if you don’t know, I tell you guys. Facebook’s friends don’t call me stylish, meaning like my name is technical.

How to make a unique name on Facebook

This is the name in Samplewood. Now I have to convert it to Justice. You have to put it on Facebook

How to make a stylish name on  Facebook 


(1) Let’s go, friend, let’s go. With the mobile battery, first you have to open your Facebook account by opening in any browser


(2) After loading the Facebook account, you have to download the scroll down and open your settings there.


(3) Once the Facebook settings are open, a new page will open in front of you, clicking on Personal Formation of Information.


(4) After opening Personal Information, a new page will open in front of you in which it is written in the first time of your Facebook and it is mandatory that you have to remove them.

(4) Then past symbols in first name and last name


(5) After presenting the symbol, you have to click on your object, enter the password and just click on the object. Now your name has been created.


First box:-     ɭɭ-ʌ


Middle box:-   Technical Zk


Last box:-.      ʌ-ɭɭ

(6) Now your Facebook has become a stylish name. Look down. I have given you a picture. Your profile will also start this way.

(7) You can also watch the video. If you don’t understand something, I don’t understand it after watching the video. I can. If you like it, I can share it with others here.

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