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How To Lock Facebook Profile 2021

How To Lock Facebook Profile 2022

Facebook consistently stays under scanner with regards to security of its clients information and protection.
Notwithstanding, this time the web-based media goliath has accompanied an all new security highlight that will assist clients with locking their Facebook profile. Indeed, you head it right. Presently you can bolt your Facebook profile by tapping on Lock Profile alternative so that your photographs, posts and other data can be simply seen by individuals on your companion list.
Friends First of all, let me tell you what happens with Facebook profile and how people do it, friends, if you lock your Facebook profile, then your friend will have all the pictures and he will like to comment on you.  Can.  On Facebook and if you lock the ID on Facebook, then your friend who is not your friend will come to your profile, then he can see your Facebook profile.  

How to Lock Facebook Profile 2021

Friends First of all, you have not created a Facebook ID.  If you have an Already ID, then you can also create a profile account for Facebook, then you have to do it first, do you go to the settings and see it there, you will not have your profile option phone, then if you have  If this is happening then, you have done it and people are not working on your profile, then you have to go in simple language and I am giving you a screenshot below such a post.

You have to select that language.  After that you will be chatting twice, then you will have the option of profile people.  You have to click on it and lock your Facebook profile.

So let’s start friends.  We belong to our trick.  How can we do our Facebook profile, then first of all, you have to login your Facebook account light inside Facebook and I am giving you a screenshot here.  You have to select that language.  After selecting the language, you simply go to your settings and look at it there.

You will have the option to lock your Facebook account.  You have to click on it and block your Facebook account.  Profile has to be logged.  After that you have to waste your Facebook profile to see if people have become or not



So friends, if you like us or tickle, then you are sharing it with your friend and comment on the dimensions.  Below this post below so that we will get good articles like this for you

How To Lock Facebook Profile
Step-7. To confirm, go to your Facebook Profile. There you will now find a Lock Badge, with a message Your Profile Is Locked.
Now your Facebook profile is locked from all the people except the ones who are on your friend l

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What Will Happen After you Lock your Facebook Profile?

As discussed earlier in the article that the basic intent of Facebook behind the introduction of this feature is to keep your personal data restricted to your friends only. This means once you lock your Facebook profile:
  1. Only your friends can see your photos and posts on your timeline.
  2. Only your friends can view your full size cover photo and profile picture.
  3. All the posts that you have shared in the past to Public will automatically be restricted to friends only.
  4. Your Facebook stories can now be seen only by your Facebook friends.
  5. Only a small portion of your About Info will be visible to everyone.
  6. You can now only share your new posts and photos with your friends.

How to Unlock-Locked Facebook Profile

When you unlock your Facebook Profile all your privacy settings will revert to the settings that were before you locked your Facebook profile.
To unlock your Facebook Profile follow the steps given below:
Step-1. Open your Facebook profile and tap on Your Profile Is Locked.
Step-2. On the next screen tap on the Unlock icons.
Tap on Unlock icons
3. Now on Unlock Your Profile screen tap on Unlock Your Profile at the bottom.
To unlock Profile tap on Unlock Your Profile button
4. Now a prompt will appear with a “You UnLocked Your Profile”. Tap on the OK button to confirm.
Click ok Unlocked Your Profile


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