How to get unlimited gemes in ludo star 2022 100% working trick

How to get unlimited gemes in ludo star 2020 100% working trick




Generate Unlimited Gold, Gems and XP

Ludo STAR Resources Upto (Gold 10m, Gems 100k, XP x2-30days)

Have you played Ludo Star before? This mobile game has been quite popular recently since more and more people are choosing this to play with their friends. Ludo Star is actually the modern version of classic Ludo game board, which has been played for centuries.

Classic Ludo

Ludo was the first ever board game which was created in 3500 BC. Since then, it has been a great time killer from one generation to the next generation. Ludo is arguably the most popular game of all time, especially in Asian countries. In Pakistan and India at least each household has members who can play Ludo.


Ludo Star
Because of the advancement of the technology, many have left board game and turn to the Android and iOS apps games. Folks also stopped Ludo. They think that classic board game is outdated and not classy. In order not to erase the tradition, many app developers started to bring classic games to the mobile devices.
Not long time ago, on March, Ludo Star was released to the market. It’s not popular until recently we see the significant increase of the game players.
How do you play it?
In this game, depending on the mode you play, you will have 4 tokens, so do the other players. Your movements will depend on the 2 pairs of dice. So, it is a bit game of luck. By rolling the dice, you will determine how many you advance. If you reach the first square, you will be the winner.
After installing the game, you may want to get right into the game. If you love to be surprised, you can choose “Play Now” to enter a random game or select a game available for you in the “See Games” segment. “See Games” will give you the privilege to choose the game that is suitable for you. You can also view the participants of the games, their usernames, the game modes, and the gold belt. Alternatively, you can host your own game by hitting “Create Game”. As the game host, you will be able to choose many options from the co-op, 1 on 1, private servers, or choose your friends as your opponent.

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