How To Create API for Fast Google Indexing? A Simple Method

Get Your New Blog Posts Indexed Fast with These Tricks | Quick index Post

Hello, friend Welcome to my Website. I am Tanveer Abbas in This Article I will guide you on How to Set a manual Api for fast Google indexing. So now No more worries about Content indexing, This method is 100% proven and working 100%. Before we move to Method I want to like some detail about its work.

How does API work for Google Post Indexing?

An API work Simply You just create an API then you just upload new content. in a few minutes if your website is old and well ranked your post will rank in just 5 minutes. also, don’t worry if your site is fresh this API will work 100%, but it will take some extra time it will index soon.

What Things Require for Creating an API?

You do not need any extra just your Worpress site and Gmail.

How To Create API for Fast Google Indexing? A Simple Method Step by Step Guide

  • Open a Worpress site in chrome or any other browser
  • Install Two plugins (instant indexing)and (Google Site kit) Connect site kit with Google Search Console
  • Open Google Search Console in New Tab  ( sign in with same Gmail id used for site kit)
  • Open the below link in a New Tab 

How To Quickly Index New Post In Google Search

If you Have still an Issue with creating an API Please follow this link. You will find a detailed video about How To Create an API for Fast Google Indexing?

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Here is a link

Now you have 3 Active Tab

Now next steps I will guide you with screenshots to better understand How To Create an API for Fast Google Indexing?

Here is a screenshot of the Tab  ( link That was given by me)



Give  a Project name (you can give any name no issue about this)

Click on Create

After Creating Project Confirm the project by clicking next.

Now to Enable Api Press on ENABLE

Enable Api

Press On Three line you can see on Left Corner, scroll down on APIs & Services>Credentials

Click on Credentials


Select External And Click On Create

Enter App Name and give a Email

Give your Website a Home Address also place the website URL in the domain. provide an email in the developer contact information box and click on Save.

Do not Change anything Simply Click On save and Continue.

Now Your First setup is Complete.

Now Go Back on the Dashboard or press 3 Dot.

Scroll Down Cursor on IAM & Admin>Services account Press on Services account.

Now Click On Add New Service Account. Enter any service name and account iD and service description and Click Done.

The role must be set as Owner again click on Done.

After this Step 3 is optional you simply click again on Done.

Now copy this email link.

Open Search Console Tab Find Setting And Click on it.

Here you see User And Permissions Click on it.

Click on Add New User.

Paste Email address.

Change full to Owner.

Now Go Back to Service Account Tab.

Click on Three Dot select option Manage Key.

Click on Add key select JSON format and create key.

A few kb files will be downloaded to your download folder.

To Complete This last Step for API Indexing for Fast google Open WordPress Site
Click on Instant Rank math.
in Google API setting upload JSON file from the download menu or drag and drop a file here.
(JSON file was already your download in the Previous step).
Check All boxes (post, pages, Content) and Click Save Changes.

All done for check press on console and Click on Send To Api, if appear Sucess then all procedure you do will be Accurate. Your API Generated Successfully.

Now your post will be automated Index in a minute in the Google Search console.


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