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24clan Inject is a free SSL/HTTP/SSH/SLOWDNS/WEBSOCKET TUNNEL VPN INJECT that help with scrambling and getting This vpn help you to encrypting and protecting your privacy of Internet browsing with super fast speed Internet connection. Optimization for Android Mobile. 24clan inject help you to protect your WiFi, hotspot security and many other your personal data privacy. You are entire anonymous and secure with 24clan inject Vpn.

24help inject

Simplicity Of This App

When Vpn is open then simply click on the connect botton then 24help inject Vpn start connecting and few seconds later vpn connection on.

Free Unlimited access to the world browsing enjoy

A singular tap of the Connection button is all things needed to start a protected and stable VPN affiliation.

Free boundless Access to The universe of examining. Appreciate!


– Import And Export File (.iclan)

– Secure your affiliation using SSH, WEBSOCKET, SLOWDNS tunnel

– SSL/TLS tunneling maintained

– SSL/PAYLOAD tunneling maintained

– SlowDNS tunneling

– No root required

– Specify substitute go-between servers to send a requesting through

– DNS Changer

– Payload Generator

– Apps Filter

– Support Android 5.0 to Android 11

– Google DNS/DNS Proxy

– Data Compression

– Ability to change pad size

– Exported config is mixed

– Lock and safeguard the settings from customers

– Set custom order for customers

Section Types:




– SLOWDNS Tunnel


How to use:

Open the vpn then click on import your country configure  file which make admin or other users and click the connect.


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